Sojourn was planted in 2014 with a desire to see a gospel-centered, biblically faithful, and community focused church in Beaumont. We have met in various spaces around Beaumont since we planted, and in October of 2021, by God's grace we were able to purchase our current building, and have been able to renovate the space over time.

When you visit Sojourn you will find people of all ages, though we tend to skew a bit to the young side. When we gather together for worship, we sing, we pray, we laugh, and sometimes we cry. We open the bible, hear the preaching of God’s word, and take communion, confessing together that our only hope is found in Jesus. Our aim is to both welcome and to challenge everyone who steps into our midst. We welcome because God has welcomed us and we challenge because God calls us to more than the fleeting pleasures of this life. This is Sojourn and we would love to see you this Sunday.


At Sojourn, we our desire is to be a healthy, disciple making, multiplying, sending church in the city of Beaumont. But beyond that, our desire is to have people from Sojourn heed Jesus' call to "GO". We believe that the Gospel isn't just for the city of Beaumont, but for every tribe, nation, and tongue. 


There are many different ways to get involved in helping Sojourn reach it's future goals!
1) Pray - We need to pray for God to work in the life of our church. We need to pray for those around us, those we will meet, and for those who might say "Yes" to going forth from Sojourn with the Gospel.
2) Give - We need generous and sacrificial giving to expand our reach as a church and advance towards our future goals. Every little bit makes a huge impact not just on our church but also in eternity.
3) Go - We need people to be willing to put their "yes" on the table and go out from Sojourn with the Gospel. Whether that's local, national, or international missions; or church planting and beyond. We need laborers for the Gospel!