From the beginning in Genesis 1, God designed his people to live in community with one another, rather than in isolation from one another. However, our sinful actions have brought a new reality into the world. This new reality has threatened God’s original design ever since, with our sin bringing shame, fear, and isolation from God and from his people. As such, people now tend towards isolation, fearing that truly being known will only bring about further guilt, shame, and condemnation. 

However, we know from Romans 8:1 that there is no longer any condemnation for those who are in Christ. Therefore we are now able to step into community with other Christians — to know fully and be fully known — free from the fear, shame, and guilt that used to condemn us. This amazing truth is what leads us back toward God’s original design of living in community with one another.

Here at Sojourn we aim to live out our redeemed reality of gospel community in smaller groups. Our Community Groups meet each in carious homes throughout the Beaumont area. We would love for you to check one out this week.



Leaders: Ryan & Megan Boyd

6:00 PM


7070 Shannahan Dr, Beaumont, 77706

Childcare Available: Yes


Leaders: Caleb & Jessica Riu

6:30 PM


14820 Michelle Ln, Beaumont, 77713

Childcare Available: Yes



Leaders: Matt & Caitlyn Noble

7:00 PM


1046 Central Dr, Beaumont, 77706

Childcare Available: No