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Our Sojourn Women's Spring Book club is reading "Humble Roots," by Hannah Anderson. The reading schedule started on May 20th, but it's not too late to join! See reading schedule below.

Sojourn Women’s Summer Reading Schedule

“Humble Roots” by Hannah Anderson

WEEKS Chapters

May 20th-25th Ch. 1 “Withering on the Vine”

May 26th- June 1st Ch. 2 “Breaking Ground”

June 2nd- 8th Ch. 3 “Returning to Our Roots”

June 9th- 15th Ch.4 “Family Tree”

June 16th-22nd Ch. 5 “Local Honey”

June 23rd- 29th Ch. 6 “Healing Herbs”

June30th- July 6th Ch. 7 “Vine-Ripened”

July 14th-20th Ch. 8 “Natural Resources”

July 21st- 27th Ch. 9 “Field of Dreams”

July 28th- Aug 3rd Ch. 10 “Thorns and Thistles”

Aug 4th- 10th Ch. 11 “A Secret Garden”

MEETING DATES (Facilitated discussion @ Rao’s on Dowlen from 9am-11am)

Sat.June 15th

Sat. July 13th

Sat. Aug 10th

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