Classes are beginning again this Spring for all of our adults and college students at Sojourn. These classes are primarily based around group discussion with a small amount of teaching to guide our discussions along. This semester we are again offering three different classes to cover a variety of issues. All of our classes will begin on Sunday, March 4th, will meet from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, and will run for of a total 8 weeks.

Doctrines I - Daniel Carpenter

Doctrines I is an introduction to the study of Theology. Theology seeks to understand everything the Bible says about God and his creation in a clear and systematic way. If you are new to Christianity or new to studying doctrine, this is the class for you!

Apologetics - Matt noble

This class will explore classic proofs for and defenses of the Christian faith while also examining the claims of various religious and secular world views prevalent in today's culture.

 a culture of evangelism - Josh Jean

This class will be a blend of developing a culture of Evangelism here at Sojourn and practical tips on how to share the gospel on an individual basis. 


All the classes will meet at Westgate Memorial Baptist Church (Sunday Location). 6220 Westgate Dr.


We are providing childcare for both classes at the cost of $5 per child or $10 per family each week. You can sign up for childcare when you register.


You can register for any of the classes by filling out the form below.

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