What is Advent?

Advent is the season in which the church expectantly waits for the arrival of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. The word advent literally means "coming". So the season of advent is one in which we anticipate the coming of Jesus. Advent is primarily a time of waiting. Somewhere between the endless Christmas parties and shopping, the idea of waiting has been lost on our culture. By intentionally stopping and reflecting on the season of Advent, we are being reminded of our need to pause, take a breath, and remember what life is really all about. 

How do we participate?

At Sojourn we participate in Advent in two primary ways: through our Sunday gatherings and in our daily devotions. In the church, the Advent season is officially marked by the four Sundays leading up to Christmas day. So for these four Sundays our music, our prayers, our aesthetics and our sermons are marked by the theme of Advent. We also encourage our people to set aside time in each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas in order to reflect and remember what the season actually means.

Resources for Advent

This year we have put together our very own Advent guide. This Advent guide features 24 days worth of content and is designed to be used from December 2 through Christmas Day. This content was designed with simplicity in mind so as not to overwhelm you in what is always a busy season. Each day features a passage of scripture to read and then two reflection questions to help you process. We highly encourage you to use a journal in addition to this guide to write out your thoughts, emotions, and prayers as you reflect day by day. Each week will focus on one of the four major themes of Advent: Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. We have provided a short introduction to each week’s theme, as well as a memory verse and a reflection song.

*You can download your Advent guide at the bottom of the page.

A Special Notes for Families

We have also included a story to read each day from Jared Kennedy’s book, The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. The selected stories are designed help your children count down the days until Jesus’ arrival.

Additional Resources

We have created an Advent music playlist that is available on both Spotify and Apple Music. Just search for “Sojourn Beaumont Advent” and you will find it!

Advent 2017 sermons

This is a collection of sermons we preached during the Advent season of 2017

Advent playlist

This is a collection of songs that we are singing throughout the Advent and Christmas season this year.

Sojourn Advent Devotional Guide

Weekly devotionals, and daily questions by Sojourn Beaumont Community Church.



Advent Reading Plan for The Jesus Storybook Bible

by Adriel Booker