What is Adopt-A-Freshman, and Why are we doing it?

It’s an opportunity for us to minister to students who live “away” from their families and a great way to better connect them with our church. We also have local students that want to participate. The Adopt-A-Freshman program gives these students a point of connection with our church and sense of belonging to our church.
College is typically one of the most pivotal periods in a young person’s life. Adopt-A-Freshman gives you the opportunity to walk with them through one of the most exciting yet difficult times in their lives.
What will be Expected from Me?

  • Prepare two care packages per semester for your student

  • Strive to have a meal together at least once in the semester

  • Pray for them consistently (ask them for prayer requests)

  • Speak to them (in text or phone call) at least twice a month

  • Send a card or hand written note (consider including a $5 gift card)

Other Ideas:
You may think it takes too much time or cost too much but it’s the little things that count to these students. Here are just a few suggestions that college students would love…

- Sunday lunches with your family
- Cooking together
- Helping you serve in your ministry
- Studying at your house
- Outdoor Activities (Fishing, Golfing, etc.)
- Family Outing
- Laundry & Lunch Day
- Sporting Event (even your child’s)

This ministry will not only impact students, but you will also see incredible benefits in your own life and in the life of your family as you step out in faith to Adopt these students.

If you are interested in investing your time into one or more college students, at Sojourn Community Church, please fill out this form.
Daniel Carpenter

College & Teaching Pastor


How does it work?

Everything begins by filling out an application to be apart of the program.

If you are a family looking to adopt a student,

If you are a student looking to be adopted,